Good news for you and your dog

With purely natural ingredients, we have developed a high-quality dog ​​shampoo that meets the European regulations for cosmetic products - the strictest in the world. It optimally cares for your dog's coat and skin and keeps them healthy.

The shampoo is a purely herbal product with the best quality ingredients, certified according to the "NATURAL PRODUCT STANDARD". It combines the finest organic oils with excellent yet gentle cleaning properties. It has a pH value that is perfectly matched to the sensitive skin of dogs.

A high quality dog ​​shampoo

The shampoo moisturizes the skin, gives the coat texture and a silky shine and makes grooming easier for you. In addition, it has a naturally mild and gently soothing effect on the skin. It helps protect against fungi, mites, fleas and ticks and can also help against dry skin and itching.