Our Inspiration

Many summer holidays spent on the “White Island” and all kinds of encounters with IBIZA street dogs are what gave me the idea to create a new product line for dogs. “Inspired by the Dogs of Ibiza”

A fresh, unusual, and exciting product of the highest quality – that’s what we were looking for.

And that’s how the brand DENCA IBIZA (after the Balearic breed Podenco Ibicenco, or Ibizan Hound) came to be.

Our Competence


By working closely with leading veterinarians, we ensure that we continually develop and improve our products – always in a dog’s best interests. For us, drawing on the professional experience of practicing veterinarians and their assistants is of key importance. We work with the veterinarian office “Tierarzt Kilchberg,” led by Dr. med. vet. Franziska Ehrat and Dr. med. vet. Moritz Schnewlin, where a skilled team of vets and assistants offer comprehensive healthcare for animals: from preventive care to surgeries, dental care, internal medicine, ophthalmology, diagnostics, dermatology, and hospital stays on to saying a dignified, final Goodbye to your beloved, loyal friend.

Our commitment

Refugio Can Gossos

Fundació GOSSOS, the largest dog shelter on the island of Ibiza, is committed to helping lost and abandoned dogs. We had the honor of presenting our product to the highly skilled staff at the shelter and benefited from the extensive experience of the dog groomers and dog psychologists there. This collaboration inspired us to help the beautiful dogs at the shelter by giving them a second chance and placing them in a loving home. To learn more about the Can Gossos shelter, click here:
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Our Guarantee

Certified Care Product

We use only the best ingredients and ensure complete transparency. All shampoos are made of purely natural ingredients and are certified by the label “Natural Product Standard by BDIH.”